2019 Cave Creek Rodeo Days Queen

Brooke Taylor Smith

Brooke Taylor Smith is 18 yrs old and is currently attending ASU and studying Psychology.  Brooke hopes to finish her studies at NAU as a Physicians Assistant and enjoys volunteer work.  Brooke started participating in rodeo, as a member of a 2014 drill team and has held two titles as a Sr. Teen Queen and a 2018 Rodeo Queen in other Rodeo Royalty programs.  Brooke's dream is to be an ambassador for the sport of Rodeo!



2019 Cave Creek Rodeo Days Teen Queen

Rylee Anforth

Rylee Anforth is 14 yrs old, currently attending Apache Junction High and is the 2019 Student Council-Freshman Class President.  Rylee plans to pursue a career in Psychology or Equine Chiropractic and loves volleyball, football and anything horseback.  Rylee is a former Lil Missy, Princess and Jr Teen Queen in other Rodeo Royalty programs.  Rylee is dedicated to the sport of rodeo and the western way of life!


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