The Cave Creek Rodeo Days organization is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors and is a service-oriented, philanthropic organization that organizes, sponsors and hosts the Cave Creek Rodeo Days in support of our western traditions.  The Cave Creek Rodeo was originally started in 1977 to bring the town and community together to share in the pride and preserve our unique culture.  We celebrate our western heritage by creating an opportunity for families and friends to come together through the exciting sport of a PRCA Professional Rodeo.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days continues to be a vital supporter of our culture through charitable support of the community.

The organization is supported by dedicated volunteers with Chairpersons heading up committees and sub-committees who contribute their time and talent to produce the exciting Cave Creek Rodeo Days event.  They are the “boots on the ground” that make the Cave Creek Rodeo Days event and other supported western heritage activities every year.  Our heritage is important and they work hard to keep it preserved and are dedicated to the national sport of a PRCA Professional Rodeo.

Our Vision

The Cave Creek community's rich culture and heritage is not found anywhere else.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days aim is to preserve the western traditions of the community with charitable support of the town and surrounding areas through the exciting sport of a PRCA Professional Rodeo.

Our Mission

The Cave Creek Rodeo Days is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that champions the preservation of western culture and Cave Creek traditions by providing the opportunity to experience the western heritage through sponsored rodeo activities and supporting the Cave Creek culture through charitable community support.

Our Values

1.  Expose our western heritage to youth and community,
2.  Champion our communities values of honesty and integrity,
3.  Professionally organize high-quality events,
4.  Protect our communities culture,
5.  Maintain the quality of the Cave Creek Memorial Arena.

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