Date:  March 21, 2020

Time:  1:00PM – 3:00PM

Mutton Bustin' Finals:  The Mutton Bustin' Finals will be held at the Cave Creek Memorial Arena on March 29th, 2020 during the Sunday performance.  The finalist and one guardian will have free entry to the Sunday performance to compete in the Mutton Bustin' Finals.


Mutton Bustin', Sponsored by the Buffalo Chip, is one of the rodeo’s most popular events and offers youngsters between the ages of 4 and 7 and weight (under 75 lbs) a chance to begin their own rip-roaring rodeo careers.  The helmeted cowpokes have an opportunity to ride a “wooley bulley” inside the rodeo arena.  Here's how it works:  With a sheep readied in the “chute”, a child is set on its back - arms wrapped tightly around the neck.  When the chute gate opens out comes the sheep and rider. The small cowboy/cowgirl will hold on and ride the sheep for as long as they can!  Whether it's a one second or ten second ride, these youngsters are in for a wild, exciting and memorable time.  What fun!



  • Pre-Register and Pay Online Fee: $10.00 due in advance or
  • Pre-Register by downloading and completing the form below.  Submit the form and payment to:  Cave Creek Rodeo Days, Attn: Mutton Bustin', PO Box 7343, Cave Creek, AZ 85327
  • Registration Entry Fee at the Event:  $13.00
  • Check-in Time – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
  • Check-in site is at the Buffalo Chip just inside the court yard gates.
  • The number of contestants is limited to 70 entries.

Contestant Guidelines

  • Ages: 4 – 7 and a weight of 75 lbs. and under,
  • Children are allowed to hold to the sheep with their hands only.  NO other devices may be used, i.e. ropes or spurs.
  • Contestants must wear helmet and number provided.
  • Waiver must be signed for each child to ride.
Mutton Bustin 26
Mutton Bustin 25
Mutton Bustin 22



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