Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade

Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade

Let’s Celebrate our Western Heritage and the Spirit of Cave Creek at the 2025 Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade!

Date: March 22, 2025

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek, AZ

Join us for the vibrant tradition of the Cave Creek Rodeo Parade, marking the start of rodeo week festivities in the Town of Cave Creek. This lively procession along Cave Creek Road features horseback riders, floats, unique automobiles, rodeo royalty, bands, and more, infusing the town with a spirited Western atmosphere.

Parade Highlights: VIP Judges Booth: Positioned between the Buffalo Chip and Harold’s Corral, our VIP judges will include local dignitaries and celebrities, adding prestige to the event and offering a prime vantage point for evaluating the parade entries.

Announcing Locations: Enjoy the parade at designated spots along the route: Local Johnny’s, Big Earl’s, Kiwanis Marketplace, Buffalo Chip, and Harold’s Corral.

Come and immerse yourself in the essence of Cave Creek, Arizona, as we launch rodeo week with the Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade!

Parade Information: The Cave Creek Rodeo Days Parade celebrates our town’s Western Heritage through community support. Embracing a family-oriented entertainment focus, the parade exclusively revolves around our American Western Heritage theme.

Entry Guidelines: Entries must align with the American Western Heritage theme.

Compliance with instructions from CCRD parade officials is mandatory for participant and spectator safety.

All entries are subject to acceptance by the parade committee and/or the CCRD Board of Directors for appropriateness and uniformity.

Let’s celebrate our Western Heritage and the spirit of Cave Creek at the 2024 Rodeo Days Parade!

Application Fee:

  • Commercial: $200 per entry
  • Non-Commercial: $50 per entry
  • Non-Profit Organizations – Complimentary
  • PRCA Royalty – Complimentary
  • Sponsorship Entry

For more information please contact our Parade Chairperson at email:

Awards Categories (Judging Criteria)

  1. Creativity and Presentation: Evaluating the innovative concept, design, and execution of the entry, showcasing unique themes and imaginative presentations.
  1. Community Engagement: Assessing entries that embody Cave Creek’s spirit, engaging with the local community through interaction and showcasing local culture.
  1. Craftsmanship and Detail: Recognizing entries demonstrating exceptional quality, attention to detail, and overall presentation.
  1. Entertainment Value: Judging entries based on their ability to captivate and entertain the audience through music, performances, or interactive elements.
  1. Theme Interpretation: Evaluating how effectively entries align with the American Western Heritage theme or convey a clear message.

Awards Presentation: Winning entries will be acknowledged in the above five categories, reflecting the essence of the judging criteria at the 2024 Rodeo Days Parade!

Commercial and Non-Commercial Entry and Payment!

Non-Profit, PRCA Royalty & Sponsorship Entry Form

Parade Entries will not be accepted after
March 1, 2025!