I want to thank our fans, sponsors, members and volunteers for their support that kept this 42 year tradition alive!  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days Organization exceeded its goals and has started to consider new ideas for the 2020 event!

After final review we are proud to announce that we were able to give back over $30,000.00 to our many causes.  In addition, our donation to the Town of Cave Creek has allowed them to begin the process of putting in permanent bathrooms at the rodeo grounds and the expansion of the parking area is underway!

The Cave Creek Rodeo Days Organization was proud to offer new sponsorship opportunities that allowed more sponsors to become involved.    While we work hard to keep costs down, we cannot rely on ticket sales to cover all the expenses to put on this amazing community event.   More support means MORE CHARITABLE DONATIONS!  If you are interested in becoming a supporter of this annual event and help to raise funds to give back to charitable causes,  please contact our Sponsorship Chairman by emailing sponsors@cavecreekrodeo.com or calling our business line 480-304-5634.

Busses were back with two routes this year.  THANK YOU TO THE BUS CREWS for making gate access easy!   Even though we will enjoy more parking at the rodeo grounds in the coming years, we will continue to provide free transportation, to and from the rodeo grounds for our fans!  It is a great way to ensure you are not walking miles to enter the event.

The new Clubs were awesome!  Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Cave Creek Rodeo Days Rodeo in our Skybox, Chute 6, Stockman’s Club or the Ranchero Club next year.  SATURDAY NIGHT WAS A SELL OUT CROWD FOR 2019, with Friday and Sunday close on its heals!  Watch our website for announcements on new and exciting changes coming to our event in 2020.

If you want to get more involved with our organization please reach out to our Membership/Volunteer Chairman, who can be reached at volunteers@cavecreekrodeo.com.  You can fill out our application on line on the Volunteers or the Committee Members pages.   WE ALWAYS WELCOME MORE HELP!  It takes a small army to put this event on and we appreciate any amount of time you can assist us with.

If you have a question that the website did not answer, please contact us at info@cavecreekrodeo.com or at one of our direct email addresses on our Contact Us page.

Looking forward to seeing you all next year!

Beth Cornell,

President, Cave Creek Rodeo Days!