This year, more than ever, it was important for us to put on our rodeo for the many people that count on events like ours to take care of their families.  Wages are earned at our event by contestants, the stock contractor and its’ personnel, bull fighters, rodeo clowns, local businesses, rental companies, hotels, motels, restaurants and their staff.  All of these people are affected by the cancellation of this and other events.

Cave Creek Rodeo Days is an annual event to provide charitable and economic assistance to our community.  Many do not know Cave Creek is a tourism driven town and events like the Annual Rodeo bring much needed revenue dollars from all over the world to town.  So, when the board was tasked the second time with a decision to hold the rodeo without fans or cancel, we took the higher ground and dug in.  With the support and partnership of the PRCA, Justin Sports Medicine Team, Town of Cave Creek staff, Marshal Adam Stein and of course Mayor Ernie Bunch, we decided to move ahead and “Kick Open the Chutes” and hold the PRCA sanctioned competition to put our rodeo families and local merchant’s back to work!  It was recognized that we could assist our community and many others by a no fan event to positively impact many lives by keeping dollars moving in our uncertain times.

The list of people to thank for supporting our decision to hold the rodeo is large.  I feel it is important to acknowledge our amazing Volunteers, the Town of Cave Creek staff, Marshal Stein and of course Mayor Ernie Bunch whose participation was critical to the success we experienced.  Additionally, we could not have been prouder than to partner with the PRCA, Justin Sports Medicine Team, Cowboy Channel and all our local and national sponsors like Sanderson Ford and Wrangler.  Without their participation our Annual Rodeo would not have happened.

To all our rodeo fans that chose to attend a watch party or subscribed to the Cowboy Channel to support this effort.  Thank you!

This was no small task and the Cave Creek Rodeo Days Board of Directors says thanks again for helping “Kick Open the Chutes” and I encourage all committees out there, to follow suit and keep rodeo going strong!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2021!

Beth Cornell

President, Cave Creek Rodeo Days