Vendor Frequently Asked Questions and Rules

Thank you for your interest in a vendor space at the Annual Cave Creek Rodeo Days® (CCRD).  The Cave Creek Memorial Arena is located at: 37201 N28th Street, Cave Creek, Arizona, 85331.

Please review this list of Frequently Asked Questions and Rules about our event.  After reviewing these questions if you still need more information please contact our Vendor Chairperson via email at

What are the dates and performance times when your booth can be open for this event?

The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) has a total of three performances approximately 2 hours in length.  The first evening performance is on Friday, March 24, 2023 at 7:30PM, the second evening performance is on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 7:30PM and third and final performance is on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 2:00PM.  Gates open at 5:00PM for the Friday and Saturday performances and at 12:00PM for the Sunday performance.  Vendors should arrive at least 30 minutes before the gates open.

Setup Day is Thursday, March 23, 2023Vendors can set up between 10AM – 4:00PM (no exceptions).

Monday, March 27, 2023:  Vendors can breakdown and cleanup their space from 8:00AM – 12:00PM or after the Final Sunday evening performance when all patrons have exited the Midway.  Your booth must remain setup during the entire event.  This includes booths that are trailers.

How many people attend the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD)?

Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) attendance varies throughout the weekend for each performance.  The attendance numbers for the past 10 years have exceeded 12,000 attendees and we keep growing.  We have had sold out performances for over the last decade.

How do I apply for a vendor space at the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD)?

A filled-out vendor application submitted to the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) via the Cave Creek Rodeo website.  Please do not submit a deposit with your application.  The vendor application must be accepted and approved first.  You will receive a vendor contract to submit with your deposit.  All vendor contracts must be executed within 15 days from the contract date or the contract will automatically be canceled.

What vendor spaces are available and what are the costs?

Vendor applications are reviewed and evaluated for acceptance.  Returning vendors receive priority in acceptance and placement as long as they are in good standing and have resubmitted their application during the “First Right of Refusal” time period.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) tries to avoid duplication of products sold wherever possible but is not guaranteed.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) encourages all vendors to complete their contracts and submit their full vendor packet along with the required deposit in advance to assure approval and assignment.  Absolutely no vendors will be allowed into the grounds prior to submitting a complete packet (including payment).  If your booth consists of a trailer, please provide the exact dimensions including the hitch, and the side the service window is on when you are driving down the road, towing your trailer.  If you are a food vendor please submit your menu with your application.

All spaces are outside, on dirt, in the Midway.  Vendors are responsible for their own set up, clean up and for bringing their own equipment to operate their business (i.e., tents, cords, lights, tables, chairs).   It is recommended your booth be secured to handle windy conditions.

All Space costs included an electric hookup.

Non-Food Commodities

10x10 = $300.00

10x20 = $500.00

Food Commodities

10x10 = $450.00

10x20 = $650.00

For larger spaces please contact the Vendor Chairperson, for pricing and availability.

What is the Electric availability?

Only standard electrical hookups, 110v, 20amp, are available at the Cave Creek Memorial Arena.  Vendors with power requirements greater than 110v, 20amp (i.e., 220v, RV type) must provide their own generator or power source.

Is there Water availability?

Water faucets are available in areas of the Cave Creek Memorial Arena; however, we have a few spaces available for a permanent hookup using a water hose you supply.  Most locations you can only fill holding tanks using a water hose you supply.  The water faucets are shared by everyone who requires water.  Please indicate if you need a permanent water hookup on your application.

What is the deposit required to secure my vendor space?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required by the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) within 15 days of the date of your Vendor Contract and your signed Vendor Contract.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) recommends submitting your signed Vendor Contract and deposit as soon as possible.  The non-refundable balance and full vendor packet are due on February 24, 2023.  No vendor will be allowed set up without payment in full.  If all your vendor documents are not completed and submitted by March 3, 2023, including full payment, your contract will be canceled and no refunds will be issued.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) has a vendor waiting list for cancelations, please plan accordingly.

Is insurance required?

Yes.  A minimum $1 million liability Certificate of Insurance is required.  This certificate must have the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) and the Town of Cave Creek named as additional insured parties.  Proof of Insurance must be submitted with your vendor packet, and you must have proof of insurance prior to setup.  Vendors are solely liable for the security of their merchandise and for their own booth set-up, security and cleaning of their space.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) deadline for your vendor packet to be received is February 24, 2023.

Are Business Licenses required?

Yes.  All vendors must obtain a Business License from the Town of Cave Creek.   The license can be acquired using the Town of Cave Creek website,  You must have your business license prior to setting up your space and displayed in your booth during the event.  If it is not displayed, the Town of Cave Creek may ask you to leave and no refunds will be issued.  Please be aware that the Town of Cave Creek business office is closed on Friday’s.

Are Health Department Licenses required?

Yes.  All food vendors (unless prepackaged and sealed) must obtain a license or Special Event License from the Maricopa County Community Health Services, at   Search for special events to locate the information.  Please submit a copy of your license on or before February 1, 2023.  Please note that food vendors are strictly controlled and the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) is very selective on vendor acceptance to not duplicate available food product as much as possible but is not guaranteed.

Do I need an Arizona Department of Revenue Transaction Privilege License?

Yes.  All vendors must include a copy of your current Arizona Department of Revenue Transaction Privilege License (sales tax) in your vendor packet.  The license can be acquired through the website,

Are there dumpsters for my trash?

Yes.  All Vendors are responsible for their own clean up.  There are dumpsters on site to be used by all vendors.  The trash containers are for public use only!  Any vendor using the public trash containers, leaving trash around the public trash containers or behind in their booth area, will not be invited back to attend the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD).  This is strictly enforced and no exceptions given.

Are sewer hookups available?

No.  Not in the vendor area.

Is camping allowed?

No.  There are no Camping spaces or RV spaces for vendors at the Cave Creek Memorial Arena.  The Cave Creek Regional Park is located next to the rodeo grounds for camping, which you can check for availability.   Phone Reservations:   Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4PM @ 602-506-2930.  Online reservations:   Please visit  You can also check online for RV parks and camp grounds in the Cave Creek, Carefree or Phoenix metro area for availability.

Is vehicle parking provided near your booth?

Parking spaces are NOT provided for you near your booth.  You will be issued a pass for you to enter and park your vehicle in a designated area.  There are NO vehicles allowed inside the parameters of the Midway Gates and Grandstand area after setup day.  You will be issued a pass to enter through the Main Gates, on foot, to access your booth from the parking area.  Trailers can be parked close or behind your booth when space is available.  The Vendor Chairperson will assign the parking of trailers in the vendor area.  If you have a trailer that needs to be parked close to your booth please indicate that on your vendor application including the demensions.

Are there any restrictions on animals in your booth?

Yes.  There are no animals allowed in your booth or in the Midway or Grandstand areas.  This includes crated animals.  If you bring your animal with you, it must be contained in a safe location where the public cannot come in contact with the animal.

Will every vendor be approved for vendor space?

No.  Space is limited.  Only completed vendor packets and applications are reviewed and spaces assigned based on the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) approval, space availability and commodities.  Vendor spaces are assigned each year for the best overall presentation.  You are not guaranteed the same location if you are a returning vendor.  There are NO "your spot" from one year to the next.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) tries to avoid duplication of products sold wherever possible.  This is to allow the best possible experience for our vendors attending the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD).

Are there any restrictions on what items can be sold at the rodeo?

Only the Cave Creek Rodeo Days organization can sell alcoholic beverages.  Vendors selling bottled water and soda are regulated by the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) Sponsorship Agreements.  Therefore, the same brand and pricing must be followed.  Any such agreement will be disclosed to the vendors prior to the event by the Vendor Chairperson.  If you are a food vendor, your menu must be pre-approved by the Vendor Chairperson, so we do not duplicate our available food products as much as possible.

Any vendor not following the food and beverage rules may be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued.

No selling of weapons, or anything that could be considered a weapon, will be allowed on display or for sale in any of the vendor spaces.  Pocket or folding knives may be accepted if packaged properly.

The Cave Creek Rodeo Days is a non-profit organization not affiliated with any Political Organization or Party, Groups or Clubs.  Selling of political, group or club affiliated products, candidate/campaign, group or club information or advertising including flags and banners is prohibited.

The Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD) is a family friendly event and promotes a family atmosphere.  All merchandise must conform to this environment.  If any merchandise is deemed inappropriate or using profanity, you may be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued.

Are there restrictions on the use of the Cave Creek Rodeo Days name?

Yes.  Cave Creek Rodeo Days®, Cave Creek Rodeo®, Town of Cave Creek Fiesta Days Rodeo®, Town of Cave Creek Fiesta Days Rodeo and Parade® are registered trademarks and shall not be used, represented or misrepresented by any Vendor.  A vendor shall not represent or infer that any product that is sanctioned by the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD), the PRCA or the Town of Cave Creek.

When will I receive my vendor space number and when can I set up?

The Vendor Chairperson will assign spaces for the best arrangement of the event as a whole.  You will receive your vendor space number when you arrive for set up.  Vendors can set up between 10AM and 4:00PM on Thursday, March 23, 2023 (no exceptions).  The Vendor Chairperson will notify you, two weeks prior to set up, if you need to arrive at a specific time.  Any vendor that cannot meet this time must coordinate with the Vendor Chairperson prior to their acceptance and approval of their contract by the Cave Creek Rodeo Days (CCRD).

When will I be required to take down my booth?

All vendors can break down and clean their space on Monday, March 27, 2023 from 8AM-12PM.   You are allowed to break down your booth after the performance on Sunday evening, after the Midway is cleared.  No vehicles/trailers are allowed to drive into the Midway area until the Midway is cleared.