STOCKMAN'S TICKETS:  No substitutions.  Additional Stockman’s tickets, if available can be purchased on our website www.cavecreekrodeo.com.   Remember the club only holds 300 and will sell out.

ALL ADVERTISING OR SPONSOR AGREEMENTS:   Must be completed by / paid in full / received by February 28th of the current event year to be considered for the annual rodeo.

ALL HIGH-RES LOGOS:  Must be emailed to sponsors@cavecreekrodeo.com by March 8th of the current event year.  Any logo that is received after March 8th will only be admitted into the logo loop after the late fee of $100 is paid [certified funds only].   Acceptable electronic formats for high-resolution logos are as follows:  .JPG or .PNG - absolutely no hard copy logos will be accepted (i.e. a business card) and no pdf files.

ALL BANNERS:   Must be delivered** by March 11th of the current event year.   Banners received after the deadline risk the possibility of not being installed.  The CCRD committee assumes no responsibility for banners received after the March 11th deadline.  Standard banner size is 3' high x 6' wide.  Any banner not meeting the size specification risks not being installed in the arena due to potential fan view obstruction.  Please be sure to adhere to the banner size requirements.

ALL SPONSOR FLAGS:  Must be delivered** by March 11th of the current event year.  Flags received after the deadline risk the possibility of not being run.  Standard flag size 3' high x 5' wide with a pole slip closed at the top.

ALL PARADE ENTRIES:  Must be submitted by March 11th of the current event year.  To submit your parade entry go to www.cavecreekrodeo.com, select the Parade page under the Event dropdown menu.  On the Parade page select the button PRCA Royalty/Sponsorship Application.  Your entry will be submitted to our Parade Chairperson and a copy will be sent to your email box entered on the form.   Here is the link to copy and paste in your browser:  https://cavecreekrodeo.com/parade-application-prca-royalty-and-sponsorship-entries/.

PLEASE NOTE:  All banners, entry flags, logos, media, advertisements, etc. are the sole responsibility of the advertiser or sponsor and will be provided by that business regardless of their level of involvement.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days® committee is not responsible for stolen or damaged items.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days® committee will make every effort to provide all Advertisers and Sponsors with the best exposure in appreciation of their support.  All Sponsors contributing $1,000.00 or more will be recognized on the official Website of the Cave Creek Rodeo Days® organization.  The committee is not responsible for stolen or damaged items.  Our marketing team reserves the right to assess additional charges for any media that requires setup, design or editing in the event that media does not meet quality standards.  The Cave Creek Rodeo Days® committee reserves the right to reject [without refund] any media based on inappropriate content.

 **Drop off banners and flags to our Sponsorship Chairperson.  For location and arrangements for drop off, mailing or shipping, please contact our Sponsorship Chairperson at sponsors@cavecreekrodeo.com.

Send all media files (Video's & Logo's) via the internet to sponsors@cavecreekrodeo.com.

If you prefer you may submit your media files on a zip drive (which will be kept by CCRD) to:  CCRD, PO Box 7343, Cave Creek, AZ 85327.